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SuperVA | Philippines Virtual Assistants for SME’s

Our Story

SuperVA helps small to medium sized businesses recruit, train, develop and manage remote virtual assistants in the Philippines. We are not a huge BPO that serves enterprise level businesses – we only serve SMEs and the people who run them.

The company’s founders represent a mix of Western business owners who’ve hired hundreds of remote Filipino workers to run their businesses, and Filipino executives who’ve been hands-on in assisting businesses to hire those workers.

A family-owned business

SuperVA, Inc is a family owned company co-founded by couple Tony Gavin (Australian) and Mitzi Cruz (Filipino), together with other family members.

Before they started SuperVA, Tony and Mitzi employed up to 40 Filipino staff at any one time in their digital marketing agency, ROI Media Limited, spanning a period of more than a decade. After endless requests from other business owners for practical assistance with hiring Filipino workers, they started thinking about SuperVA.

Mitzi’s brother, Eugene Cruz, with his long-term experience as a leader and operations manager of virtual assistants, was a natural fit for the business and suggested starting SuperVA to Tony and Mitzi. They were joined by other family members with complimentary experiences, and SuperVA, Inc. was born.

Tony Gavin

Co-Founder & CEO

A degree qualified accountant and serial entrepreneur, Tony Gavin has been a soldier,  door to door salesman, corporate executive, practicing accountant, financier, business directory publisher, website developer and property investor – to name just a few!

He has started two finance companies, owned and operated a general insurance company, run a small venture capital fund, set up a B2B franchise system from the ground up, dabbled in internet and technology startups, and run an international digital marketing agency, from the Philippines, employing 40 plus full-time staff. He’s exited half a dozen businesses via trade sale over the course of the past 30 years, plus had a go at a couple of securities exchange listings.

An Australian citizen, Tony has resided mostly in the Philippines since 2011 where he lives with his spouse, SuperVA Co-Founder, Mitzi Cruz.

Tony is a Co-Founder and Director of SuperVA, Inc and is currently fulfilling the role of CEO.

Mitzi Cruz

Co-Founder & CMO

A graphic designer by profession, Mitzi Cruz has worked in a variety of leadership roles. From Academic Supervisor to Team Leader roles within BPOs for large corporate accounts such as Citibank and Amazon, she has evolved her skills over many years to become a highly accomplished manager, specializing in operations and process development.

For ten years Mitzi worked as COO and a Director of ROI Media Limited, an international marketing agency employing up to 40 remote Philippines workers at any given time. Mitzi designed, documented, implemented and managed the systems used by the company to recruit, train, manage and develop those people.

Mitzi is also a passionate animal welfare advocate and is a Co-Founder of Best Friends Furever Sanctuary, Inc, an NGO dedicated to providing a home for senior and special needs animals.

Mitzi is a Co-Founder and Director of SuperVA, Inc and is currently fulfilling the role of CMO.

Eugene Cruz

Co-Founder & COO

A degree qualified IT professional, Eugene Cruz is a Co-Founder of SuperVA. He has spent most of his career at the forefront of operations management, primarily in team leadership roles. That includes time spent working with large scale BPO operations such as Sitel, TaskUs and Majorel, during which he completed numerous internal and external training programs.

With a strong track record in project management, Eugene has consistently delivered successful initiatives that drive organizational growth. He excels in data analysis and has utilized insights to inform strategic decision-making and enhance operational efficiency within the organizations he has served.

Eugene is adept at people management and brings a collaborative approach to successfully steering teams through challenges and delivering results that align with organizational objectives.

Eugene is a Co-Founder and Director of SuperVA, Inc and is currently fulfilling the role of COO.

If your assigned Super VA proves to be a poor fit for any reason, we will replace that VA and onboard a new one without charge.

Your Super VA’s daily activities, performance, and attendance will be closely monitored by their respective managers. We will inspect what you expect.

Your Super VA will receive additional training where necessary to enhance their skills and be a better fit with your evolving needs.

Your Super VA can…

  • Manage calendars
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Handle email
  • Operate Microsoft 365
  • Use Google Workspace
  • Conduct basic research
  • Prepare presentations
  • Perform basic bookkeeping
  • Manage CRM & data
  • Manage websites
  • Create basic graphics
  • Execute local SEO
  • Maintain social media
  • Edit videos & podcasts
  • Do AI assisted copywriting
  • …and many more!