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What’s your Superpower?

Launch your career to greater heights. You have it in you.

At SuperVA, we believe everyone has the potential to accomplish greater things in their chosen career. We recognize your superpower and help you enhance it. Are you ready to join the league?

Princess E.

Marketing Coordinator

“I have worked under Tony and Mitzi for 5 years. I benefited greatly from their mentorship which helped me acquire a wide range of skills, from graphic design to email marketing.”

Aireen G.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

“Working with Tony and Mitzi has been an enriching experience. Over the years, I’ve found them to be not just colleagues, but genuine mentors who have consistently supported my growth. Their diverse expertise spans across various domains including design, SEO, writing, website development, AI, and more, providing me with invaluable opportunities to expand my skill set. Their collaborative and approachable nature fosters a conducive work environment where learning flourishes. I’ve cherished every moment of my journey alongside Tony and Mitzi, and I’m grateful for the knowledge and guidance they’ve imparted.”

Orange J.

Marketing Assistant

“Tony and Mitzi were instrumental in my growth as a Virtual Assistant. I worked under them for three years and their guidance and training were invaluable, helping me develop essential skills and knowledge in the Marketing field. Working with them was so easy as they were kind and nice to teach me various aspects of Marketing. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn under their mentorship, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a supportive and enriching work environment.”

Work remotely from home

You can go places, literally and figuratively.

We all have a superpower. Something we do best, and better than anyone else.

Enhance it, use it, and grow your arsenal of skills. Why get stuck when you can fly to greater heights?

Why choose SuperVA?


We don’t stop at onboarding. Your managers are your mentors. We recognize potential and we nurture it. 

Career Growth
We provide an expansive training arena so you can add new superpowers to your arsenal of skills.
Incentive Programs

At SuperVA, good work doesn’t go unnoticed. We believe in motivating and rewarding people for a job well done.

Be Part of the SuperVA League

Submit your application below and tell us about your superpower. We will be in touch after reviewing your application.

If your assigned Super VA proves to be a poor fit for any reason, we will replace that VA and onboard a new one without charge.

Your Super VA’s daily activities, performance, and attendance will be closely monitored by their respective managers. We will inspect what you expect.

Your Super VA will receive additional training where necessary to enhance their skills and be a better fit with your evolving needs.

Your Super VA can…

  • Manage calendars
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Handle email
  • Operate Microsoft 365
  • Use Google Workspace
  • Conduct basic research
  • Prepare presentations
  • Perform basic bookkeeping
  • Manage CRM & data
  • Manage websites
  • Create basic graphics
  • Execute local SEO
  • Maintain social media
  • Edit videos & podcasts
  • Do AI assisted copywriting
  • …and many more!